Congratulations on Tianhui waterproof materials company natioal market promotion conference held

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2015-01-05 13:55

By Tianhui waterproof material company sponsored national market work promotion conference in February 5 to 6, 2017 in Donge was held. Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng, general manager Zhao Guoqing, Jinan university professor Li Liangbo attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the participants a total of more than 120 people.

The main contents of the meeting are: waterproof material products (three major categories) introduced; product construction and problem communication; market operation and experience exchange; sales, financial related policy analysis.

During meeting, Tianhui group chairman Wang Feng to everyones efforts in 2016 to give the full affirmation, also hope that the market staff to work in 2017, to upgrade themselves to new heights; general manager Zhao Guoqing said that the conference activities of the initiative is to improve sales commissioner ability, based on their own, work hard and apply what they have learned to practice, actively to ascend out of all the skills, training, sales and service requirements, based on the interaction, were the first to fight for their optimal when pioneer! Each production workshop director in detailed on the performance and application of product propaganda analysis, the sales representative is introduced on the work of good experience and good methods. Promote Tianhui waterproof stepped forward!

After the meeting, the company held a dinner, everyone gathered here, it is a grand dinner, as it is a warm atmosphere of a warm family reunion banquet each other frequently drank, making dinner all the family members enjoy the fun and joy laugh.

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