China cement association executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong and his party to our company inspection guidance

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2019-02-26 18:33

In February 13,2017, China cement association executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong, China cement association deputy secretary-general Mr Wang Yutao, China cement association Dr. Li Chen, technology center Xiao Zhen came to the company to inspection guidance.

Donge County deputy county magistrate Jia Lianyong, the county government office director Hou Changzhong, Chairman Wang Feng, General manager Yin Fangyong, General manager Zhao Guoqing and other accompanied the reception.

Executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong a line came to Shandong TOHELM Technology Development Co., Ltd, then has carried on the on-the-spot investigation to production workshop, laboratory, carefully inquired about the production process and production equipment, the application of cement industry development is ceramic grinding medium contribute to give full approval.

Executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong came to the workshop, chairman Wang Feng and general manager Yin Fangyong introduced the cement grinding product performance and advantages of ceramic grinding medium, made a detailed description of the advanced molding technology and equipment for R&D.

Executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong a line visited Tianhui Waterproof Company on the on-the-spot investigation, chairman Wang Feng and general manager Zhao Guoqing done detailed production status.

In the subsequent meeting of the forum, chairman Wang Feng introduced the development of Tianhui companies. At the same time pointed out that Shandong TOHELM Technology Development Co., Ltd rely on new technology,  using the advantages of independent research and development, data analysis of products, supporting the corresponding solution, ceramic grinding medium produce obvious advantages, especially in the city and county leadership actively helping all levels of government, enterprises are gradually moving towards a new level. For Tianhui Industrial Park project planning, executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong also gave valuable advice and suggestions, has been clear about the next step for the Tianhui company development planning

On the morning of February 14th, at the Technical Symposium held by Mr. Xiao Zhen, a senior consultant, we discussed the technical problems related to the application of ceramic grinding medium with our technical service personnel.

Executive vice president Mr Kong Xiangzhong said finally that Tianhui company in the field of cement grinding has played an exemplary role, want enterprise to continue to carry forward the ceramiic grinding medium the industry bigger and stronger, to contribute to the cause of Chinas cement.

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