Congratulations on Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng won the “national building materials enterprise management innovation” out

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2015-04-18 13:57

On March 9th, 2016, the national building materials enterprise management modernization innovation achievement, outstanding contribution firures conference was held in Beijing. The meeting commended the building of modern enterprise management innovation achievement 103, outstanding contribution figures 87, deputy general manager of Tianhui waterproof company Sheng Wei was invited to attend.

Chinese building materials enterprises Management Association honorary president Yang Zhiyuan, China Building Materials Association vice president, President of China building materials enterprise management association Zhang Dongzhuang, vice president of China building materials enterprise management association Xu Jinhua, Yu Guobo, Zhang Yuxiang, Wu Qingtao, Cai Changqing and representatives from the national building materials enterprises more than 100 people attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by secretary general of the China building materials enterprise management association Yang Xiangkun

Recognition of this activity is to implement the spirit of the party's eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session of the Central Committee, promote the overall development of the "five in one" overall plan and coordination to promote the deployment of four comprehensive "strategy, publicizing the Ministry of information industry and other 11 ministries jointly issued the" on the guide of enterprise innovation management quality and efficiency the guidance ", in-depth analysis and correctly grasp the new situation and task of China's current building materials industry faces, looking for the driving point breakthrough point of reform and innovation, deepening reform, the formation of effective operation mechanism through management innovation, stimulate the vitality of the building materials industry, to further promote enterprise restructuring and upgrading quality and efficiency.

Zhang Dongzhuang in his speech to the award-winning enterprises and individuals expressed warm congratulations, and introduced the industry innovation. He said, "innovation" is in a little bit of digging, is a gradual progress in the process of looking for breakthroughs in systems engineering, in excess of the moment, the building materials industry in particular need innovation. This is also the years of association with the CEC nationwide building enterprise management innovation purpose and intention. Associations in the application materials, the 2016 building materials industry management innovation theme -- "innovation management quality and efficiency, focus on selection of strategic restructuring, building materials testing services, information technology, green production, supply side reform and quality and efficiency has shown excellent results are different from the previous 103, with innovative highlights outstanding contribution figures 87 people.

Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng won the national building materials enterprise management innovation outstanding contribution firure, Shandong TOHELM Technology Development Co., Ltd won modern ceramic production enterprise production post configuration management innovation practice" the first prize award, chairman Wang Feng and general manager Yin Fangyong, deputy general manager Zhu Honghai, deputy general manager Sheng Wei were awarded "modern ceramics post production enterprise configuration management innovation practice" the first prize award.

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