Congratulations on Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng won the “enriching people ” labor medal

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2018-11-10 10:19

On April 28th, Liaocheng city held to celebrate the international labor day and the enriching people  labor diplpma (chapter) winner commendation congress. The winner of the national labor medal, the national workers pioneer, Shandong province enriching people  and Liaocheng city enriching people "pioneer workers" advanced collectives and individuals were commended. Vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor Song Junji and other leaders attended the meeting.

Mayor Song Junji in his speech pointed out that we should vigorously carry forward the spirit of labor model, condensed the positive energy for the development of Liaocheng city. The spirit of "model worker" who is dedicated to the work of love and dedication, striving for the first class, striving for success, being creative, indifferent to fame and wealth and willing to devote oneself to the work, is the source of valuable wealth and power, and must be carried forward vigorously in the whole society. We should actively publicize the deeds of model workers and guide the party members and cadres of the city to try to learn from the model workers, to emulate the model workers, to enhance the ideological realm, to enhance the goal orientation, to enhance the work level and to enhance service efficiency. To carry out a variety of "model workers, when model workers" activities, in various units, departments, industries, training advanced models, establish banners and benchmarking. We should sincerely care for model workers, maintain and develop the interests of workers, protect the rights of workers, and strive to enable workers to achieve decent work and all-round development.

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