Warmly congratulate the Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng obtained ”low carbon Shandong Hero ” Award

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2015-11-26 13:59

On April 19th, the fourth low carbon Shandong outcome promotion was held in Jinan Nanjiao Hotel. The organizers of the conference include the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Academy of Sciences, the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the Provincial Department of agriculture, the provincial energy conservation office and the provincial SME board and other departments.

The meeting with the promotion of low-carbon technologies, to build ecological civilization "as the theme, the province's 400 number of low carbon achievement promotion, covering all the achievements of industrial manufacturing, agricultural science and technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, information technology, modern services and other fields, showcasing the development of low-carbon achievements in our province. The conference also commended the ten leading figures of low-carbon Shandong, ten benchmark units, meritorious figures, pioneer figures, industry leading units and contributing units.

Tianhui company chairman Wang Feng obtained low carbon Shandong Hero  Award, our company will continue to adhere to a low-carbon, environmental protection, sustainable development, play a leading role in the industry benchmark for companies to make a positive contribution to the low carbon in Shandong!

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