Province energy conservation and environmental protection investigation team came to company research and inspection work

Release time:

2016-02-19 01:42

On the afternoon of April 24th, the provincial government office researcher Zhu Feng leading the relevant experts line of six people to visit our company investigation work, with Zhu Feng researcher to our company and Shandong coal energy-saving technology center director Gong Heyi, Shandong normal university professor Zhang Feng, Shandong provincial institute of Metrology Engineer Li Shoushun, Shandong province government comprehensive coordination office chief Zheng Yuanxiang, Shandong provincial government office comprehensive coordination office clerk Li Bao, Liaocheng City Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director Chen Yugeng, Liaocheng Municipal People's government energy conservation office director Li Cheng, Liaocheng City Economic and Information Technology Commission resource conservation chief Wei Zhenzhong.

Zhu Feng researcher line accompanied by chairman Wang Feng, general manager Zhou Junhua visited Tianhui industrial park and ceramic grinding medium production workshop, detailed about the company and the situation of the main products etc. During the visit, Zhu Feng researcher was interested in our ceramic medium products, from time to time asked chairman Wang and Zhou Zong for product details.

After the visit, Zhu Feng researcher and his party came to the conference room. Chairman Wang Feng made a detailed report for leading comrades who came here to investigate. The report describes the course of development, product composition and focus on environmental protection products and ongoing environmental protection projects are introduced. During the meeting, Zhu Feng researcher approval Tianhui company is demonstration enterprises, and encourage should redouble their efforts to further improve the market share, operation mode of green environmental protection, effectively the enterprise bigger and stronger. 

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